Monday, 21 May 2007

PharmaVision and Structural Forethought

Ha ha...they let scary individuals like me use the internet, WHY?

Just forgot how to get into my blog. Well, I'll have to run amock and post some more so I wise up a bit...

So....leading drugs companies are vying to air their very own shopping channel, touting their wares right in your living room - with the click of a button cancer sufferers will be able to learn more about their treatment, which does not seem like such a bad idea, to be assured and well informed at such a time. However given the massive revenue this country enjoys, along with America and other developed regions, thanks to biochemical and pharamaceutical products, these proposals scream 'profit'.

This country's regulation of legal drugs is under constant, tenuous scrutiny, though patients are often clueless to branding. Commerce marches on.

The Guardian's scrutiny of Baghdad's US Embassy building, still under construction, nicely covered the reality of the American (and British) mistakes to learn from the past.

In an excellent comparison to Vietnam, academic Toby Dodge commented on the longevity of the Vacitan sized £300m structure, due to hold 615 members of staff when it opens in September. He described how, "A fortress-style embassy, with a huge staff, will remain in Baghdad until helicopters come to airlift the last man and woman from the roof".

He went on to advise the provision of, "a large roof".

He he.

I wonder what the odds are on withdrawl....something to look into....

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