Monday, 21 May 2007

In the Begining...

There was the word. And the word was, oh, hang on, I'll get back to you on that...

He he, well hello ladies and gentlemen, friends, foes, freaks and frumps. I'm online, mwha ha! Unfortunately my mental capacity is currently under review, but standby - expect great things (or lashings of random paranoia, right-wing grumpiness, and unmitigated silliness - who knows?).

Instead of desperately trying to think of something profound I shall start as I mean to go on...with carefree abandon.

So, how about the Mail on Sunday, eh? Fingers in lots of pies atm, what a shame they keep getting burnt (with any luck the entire group might spontaneously combust)...They are taking their battle to publish the memoirs of our favourite turnip munching toff, HRH The Prince of Wales, to the Lords.

What a laugh.

Would Charles' candid comments on some far-off foreign regime really make you rush out for the MoS? I doubt it. Bear in mind how highly we all praise his higness' brain power and first hand experience of authority....

Oh, WiFi affecting kids health - any suggestions welcome. In today's digital reality, British kids are scarily computer literate, as well they should be in order to support their parents down the line (when the word 'pension' will surely have become some mystical anachronism, oh wait...). Is WiFi in schools a bad thing? The jury's out on this one.

We ban physical competition and over sanitise every available surface our kids so much as look at, soon we'll be taking their computers away, what will become of the youth of today?

Oh and finally, some ignorant dick has set alight to the Cutty Sark - one of our greatest historical treasures, from a by-gone age when Britain covered the planet and went to war with pretty much everyone, and won.

Right, rant # 1 officially over, I shall retreat into the ether with a Lemsip...ttfn.

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Jumphog said...

Getting the word's "favourite turnip munching toff" in the first (oh someone said 'first' that's beer....) post has to be off to a good start!