Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Chelsea Kharma and Parish Life, yup more of the same

Wahey, well, my education continues - this very clever programme saved my draft (I'm technologically challenged, did you guess?). Now I've retrieved it I might as well put it up.

What a charming irony - Chelsea's first Chinese garden has come under fire for its bad feng shui positioning.

Lesley Bremness' garden features a dragon facing in the wrong direction and an incorrectly labelled Buddhist statue, placed too close to the ground. In her defence, Miss Bremness cited logistical changes on behalf of the RHS.

However, the powers that be are not impressed: "We will take a dim view if there turns out to be any lack of appreciation of Chinese culture and respect for Buddha."

Whatever the official outcome, I'm having a hard time imagining hoardes of indignant Buddhists and Chinese racing to London to level the offending plot - they're too laid back to care, its not their garden after all.

In my ignorance this just looks like yet another silly, over cautious example of political correctness. Chuck in few more Bagwas and bamboo and job's a good un.

Cambridgeshire villagers have entered into all out war with their vicar because he made life easier for his choir and wanted to improve heating and install new loos.

Oh dear. The unhappy parishoners of Trumpington, outside Cambridge, are taking Rev Tom Ambrose of St Mary and St Michael Church, to an ecclesiastic tribunal as a result of his modernising policies.

In order to avoid the sack, Mr Ambrose's legal fees (covered by his parish authority) could rack up to £150k and if the Trumpington case gets to appeal charges could escalate to around half a million, lawyers have argued.

Mr Ambrose and his supporters have identified an "old guard" of belligerant litigants, determined to oust the medling 60 year-old cleric from his seat. Despite stringing up their incumbant and diocese (who will be footing the bill for the aformentioned legal costs) and garnering plenty of media attention to boot, these stalwart sticklers refuse to enter into the limelight they have created. Scared are we...?

Anglicanism has enough trouble evolving with today's society as it is - how, exactly, does this bunch of old moaners expect to benefit their community (and their faith) by fighting the well meant changes of an innovative vicar? Dumbasses.

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