Friday, 25 May 2007

Legal stuff and a bit of Puff

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, has indictated possible changes regarding media coverage and Contempt of Court legislation. Though never having sat on a jury, I think the (sensible) relaxation of Contempt law would be a good thing. Though they often have to be treated as such, the "twelve good men and true" are not stupid.

Presently any publication that presents a "substantial risk of serious prejudice" to jury members involved/due to be involved in active proceeding is in contempt. This includes general comment on the trial and topical articles that may be relatated to the events under scrutiny.

Lord Goldsmith will look into the attitudes of domestic jurors on the back of international findings which show that the public are not easily swayed by press coverage. You don't say....As it stands Contempt law has to assume that jury members are impressionable.

This is speculative but as a 'right minded' individual with an ingrained respect for the British legal system (regardless of my media interests), I imagine most people like myself, if called for service, will be more concerned with the job at hand (wigs, rhetoric and the triumph of justice seems far more compelling) than scouring the papers and cross referancing court reports.

Lets see what our researchers come up with.

We're a nation of binge drinkers, pie-eaters, social disfunction, noisy neighbours, unhappy children....and hippies. Depending on your view, noughties Britain is materialistic, apathetic and disrespectful, though according to a recent poll the '60s ideals of peace, love and understanding are flourishing....bloody hippies...

A Reader's Digest survey found a high level of political dissatisfaction, dope smoking and sexual openess. What a shocker.

I was, however, quite surprised that 79 per cent of those asked could recall the lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon...he he....That's an achievement, rock on.

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