Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Chelsea Kharma and Parish Life - abridged

So I have learnt another lesson....always assume the worst and save, save, save, so when your pc crashes in the middle of an epic post your sanity can be retained...

Just wanted to bring attention to the irony of Chelsea's first Chinese garden, currently under fire for its bad feng shui positioning...are Buddhists and Chinese people offended? I doubt it, they're far too laid back, its not their garden after all. In my ignorance I propose they chuck in some more chimes and mirrors and job's a good un.

Trumpington (near Cambridge) is up in arms against its modernising incumbent Rev Tom Ambrose. He now faces the sack after a select "old guard" of sanctimonious sticklers took umbridge to Mr Ambrose making life easier for his choir, improving the heating in St Mary and St Michaels Church, and installing new loos. Legal fees look to cost around half a million if Ambrose appeals against the decision of the ecclesiastical tribunal he is to face in the coming months. What a great move for the reputation and evolution of Anglicanism to get the hump because an innovative cleric is doing his bit. Dumbasses.

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