Saturday, 26 May 2007

A memorable farewell - so long Two Jags

The cars, the women, the croquet....where's the harm in a little Caribbean jaunt?

The past week has seen very little of our esteemed leader - er, both of them - in the news, but never fear, where there's editorial space to filled John Prescott often delivers.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who's only professional role is to fill in for the magical, vanishing Mr Blair, has been off to the tropics to talk about slavery, enjoying a week of some of the best hotels and hospitality the US and Caribbean has to offer, with his press team and muscle along for the ride. Charge to the tax payer; an estimated £50,000.

Ostensibly the visit was for the purpose of...oh, um...that's right, a farewell tour to the America's, including meetings with dignitaries and a few lectures. According to the Telegraph's sources, Mr Prescott has had to work quite hard to fill his diary, with little thought about either his domestic reputation or even the content of his speeches. "This should have been a useful visit", lamented one Foreign Office source - Prescott could actually have made the effort to discuss hard issues, instead of getting his minions to disseminate fluffy press releases to the locals.

But why bother when you've come to the end of the road?

Prescott did his bit by discussing the history of the slave trade and the seminal activism of American greats, "Martha Luther King" and "Abriam Lincoln".

Maybe we could have the George W and John "speech-off" - see who comes out with the most coherant soundbite. Or not.

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