Thursday, 2 August 2007

Wheels and spin

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a raging bull...? No, it's only Boris....But wait - where's his bike?

The kooky contender for Ken's crown has written a lovely piece in today's DT detailing the recent theft of his trusty bicycle and subsequent frustration with the authorities.

I have no doubt the incident was simply a case of bad fortune but you've got to admit, Boris is doing a good job of appealing to prospective voters (he's especially hot on transport as it is). The London cyclist is now a social stereotype all of its own...(and barmy if you ask me...but good one them).

Sympathetic as I am to the loss of Mr Johnson's speedy silver Marin Sausalito after he went to such lengths to secure it, that's what you get for leaving a £700 bike on the streets of the smoke, mate. I doubt you'll see it on eBay anytime soon.

However, I'd be more than happy to proffer Boris my own bike if he's desperate. It's still functional after 12 years of childhood knocks and rural abuse and comes in a rather fetching shade of cerise pink.

Elsewhere in the Torygraph Alice Thomson has given an excellent summary of wee Gordon's public image. I think she's spot on here - our stoic PM has done a splendid job branding himself without doing much politically. Despite announcing a raft of reviews into society's vices I'm yet to find enlightenment in the Governments housing/education/health agenda. But whereas David Cameron has been all spun out, Mr Brown's busy winding himself up tight into the paradigm of stuffy virtue.

If Gordon would only let loose and tell the English public exactly what he thinks of them, I'd furnish him with a lifetime's supply of nice blue ties to wear.


James said...

Excuse me while I recover from the state of shock I am in.

Links & pictures in the same post!!!

Don't tell me you've given up on the puritan approach.

James said...

To continue my comment peddling:

From me to her:

Em has left the following message in the comments section of my blog:

"Jenny - just wanted to apologise for not visiting your blog - work have twigged that some of your content is, erm, "explicit" and prohibited me from accessing your blog - I'm having withdrawl symptoms...will endeavor to check you out when at home - hope all is well :)"

From her to me:
Thanks for being the comment peddler! I miss her!

Jenny! said...

Doesn't he know that that riding bikes with plastic bags is dangerous...or is that just me?

James is such a good sport!

Em said...

isn't he? even if he does rib me about my posting's :P

as for Boris and danger - that's the man's middle name (well, kind of, he's a bit of a tit)