Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I'm having another unmotivated day, I'm afraid. I shall blame this lack of purpose on finishing the final Harry Potter book last night. The last 72 hours have been a emotionally draining experience for me. I'm happy to reach the end of a long journey and put the lid on my Pottermania for the foreseeable future, sad because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ushers in the end of an era with a load of uncomfortable questions about life and love and plenty of characters popping their clogs.

Back in the real world people across the country are having to deal with widespread flooding as best they can. Acts of God suck. I live next to a river and got issued with a flood warning yesterday. According to the Environment Agency if it bursts it'll take out a number of village streets and mine's first on the list. Eep. I can't wait, my mother, the cat and I confined in an even smaller living space...My thoughts go out to all those having to wade through sewage just to put the kettle on, sorry guys.

Is this the real world though? With trivial prohibitions and swelling health and safety regulations sometimes I'm not so sure.

Bournemouth council has banned the area's three swimming pools from lending out armbands to young children. Letting parents blow up the inflatables could spread bacteria and potential punctures could lead to accidents. Would it be that difficult for the centres wash and/or replace the bands regularly?


James said...

Gee, I think I'm the only person in the whole world not to be reading the potter book.

As for the armbands I do hope my local council don't follow suit, I would sink without my rubber ring shaped like a big duck.

Good luck with the flooding, I hear the worst is over so I hope that the warning won't become reality.

Em said...

Hmm...Maybe you need to give the book a go....(after reading all the others). Don't stress, you're unique!

He he...I want a big rubber ring

So far so dry but we shall see....

Jenny! said...

I really hope you dont flood...that would be aweful! I haven't read any of the HP books, but love the movies! I have a friend who is an absolutely INSANE person about Harry Potter!