Friday, 27 July 2007

I always wanted to go into space...

Two days away from the blogosphere and I'm at a loss....I just don't have the energy at the minute to talk about the weather (still damp) or the Government (still there) so I'll construct a frivolous Friday post instead.

According to a couple of science journals NASA has been letting its astronauts boldly go where a few men (and women) have gone before - lathered.
A review was ordered after space cadet Lisa Nowak flew whilst intoxicated and then assaulted a fellow astronaut's girlfriend. An independent panel found that there had been two further instances of inebriation before missions (it is not known whether they involved Mrs Nowak). Now a space shuttle's an intricate, expensive piece of kit, I'm struggling to fathom why on Earth (ha, or not) you'd want to try and fly one whilst drunk...Is space really that dismal or did they just drink because they could? Mind you, it's not like they posed a risk to other orbital users - I wonder if the US Government can up its own insurance...?
Three Lib Dem councillors in Bideford, Devon have left their party in protest after the appointment of a new colleague, 34 year-old Myrna Bushell, who, aside from her political activism, also happens to be a stripper. Looks like a case of sour grapes to me. I realise that Mrs Bushell's (a.k.a Jessica) profession is lacking in gravitas but she got elected, fair and square, regardless of her day job. If Mrs Bushell is prepared to hold her head up high and work to better her community (albeit whilst operating kissograms and sex lines) then good on her.
For your viewing pleasure;

Oh, I saw the Simpson's Movie yesterday. I'll spare you my usual saga review. It was alright. The blink-and-you-miss-them gags were funnier than the set pieces, which quite frankly, were disappointing. 10 years in the making and America's funniest family is merely tittersome. The film looks swish (Futurama-esque CGI) but unfortunately it fails to talk the talk. Thank goodness I have Sky.


Jumphog said...

"Spider pig, spider pig . . . ."

Em said...

uh oh....~groans~ well, at least I know what to get you for christmas...oink

James said...

Welcome back Em, I was beginning to think you had been washed away in the floods to some land far away.

As for Mrs Bushell, well as Mr Cameron would say 'every politician is entitled to a private past.' Still I did hear she was not a member of the Lib Dem party despite attending meetings and putting Lib Dem on the ballott paper. I'm not sure she would of been elected if she would of stood as an independent.

As for the Simpson's it does seem about 10/15 years late to release a movie.

Em said...


Thank you. Nope, no flooding as of yet, fingers crossed.

Oh damn...Mm, I agree. I'd vote for her though, out of pedantry of course :)

Yup, the movie's alright, not as good as in its episodic form though :(

Jenny! said...

I am so not interested in seeing the Simpson's your review was enough for me!