Monday, 25 June 2007

Fruit tea, anyone?

What is going on with our weather...? I know Glastonbury's just gone (didn't Shirley look great?) and Wimbledon kicks off today (and there's no roof over the main court...But will that deter good old Cliff..? We can but hope..) but still, this is rubbish. I'm getting more annoyed with those ignorant types who refute climate change....I should be jumping out of planes into clear blue skies not stood on the ground getting drenched...(On the plus side I'm off to Spain in September to go jumping for a week, woohoo!)

I'm English - its my default setting to moan about the weather, sorry...

The royal gossip goes that Wills and Kate are on the road to reconcilation...It's just a clever marketing ploy by Woolies to sell more mugs, I'm sure of it.

On doctor's orders I am now on a horribly strict diet that includes no caffeine. I've been having tremendous brain splitting headaches as it seeps out of my's all I can do not to maul my work colleagues before the morning tea run. Am narrowly resisting the urge to go and hold up a Starbucks....Feverish dreams of Machiattos and Rocky Road bars are bouncing round my head - Maybe there's a Caffeine Anonymous group I can go and abuse...(anyone seen Hacker's? Think Joey in custody: "I'm not an addict...Can I get some more coffee?").

Good to see Alan Johnston still alive and well, albeit sporting this year's must have suicide chic...Hang in there Alan, our thoughts are with you.

The amiable Miss Harriet Harman is now deputy leader of the Labour Party after just beating favourite Alan Johnson...How exciting. The press, however, reports that poor Harriet will not have the privilege of being named deputy PM after frustrating Mr Brown with her lefty sentiment and views on Iraq (which have now miraculously shifted). Miss Harman told Jeremy Paxman during election hustings that she thought the Government should apologise over Iraq. This morning she denied the episode...Maybe Paxo bullied her into it, or it was a slip of the tongue but I doubt it...Dancing around the issue Harriet now says that the Government should formally "recognise" the damage it has done in Iraq. Miss Harman has always seemed a solid, centre-left politician but it appears that, after flapping about, she has already subjected herself to Gordon clunking fist.

Gordon Brown has been making a serious effort to distance himself from Blair's NuLabour showmanship, promising a back to basics incarnation of Labour policy. This about turn is working and Labour are finally overtaking the Tories in the popularity stakes. Gordon's confident, there are even rumours of a general election as soon as next year. Lets hope that after such a long handover, Gordon will hit the ground running and stick to his guns, as well as his new deputy. They'll make a lovely odd couple, I'm sure.


James said...

On the subject of the caffeine thing, have you tried the decaff alternatives. I know a few years back the decaff alternative consisted of about two choices that tasted like warmed up cats piss, but these days there is a big selection of decaff coffees to meet individual tastes (not sure about the Tea selection - if that is your tipple, but I know PG do a decaff although never tasted it).

After one of my friends switched to decaff and I realised my coffee habit was becoming a bit of a needy one I switched and am now a (mainly) decaff drinker.

Oh and jumping out of planes is just daft. Yep go on tell me it's exhilarating, a rush etc etc... I'm still not doing it.

Em said...

I'm not allowed decaf either :(

I'm not allowed tea, coffee or fizzy drinks in any form (which by default rules out all the caffienated stuff I loooooove), its only for a few weeks though...Though I'll probably OD on my first coffee.

Its weird, I didn't think I drank that much - about three cups of tea or coffee a day - but the headaches have been f***ing horrible...'re a liberal minded intelligent sort, surely you wouldn't knock something you have yet to try ;) Like I said, its the the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on. Ever.

James said...

Ah I see, well I hope it solves the problem because nasty headaches are, well more than nasty.

OK, OK, as for the plane jumping I'm just plain scared, balls of jelly I'm afraid.

Jenny! said...

Caffeine withdrawl headaches are the worst! Nothing helps!

I bitch about the weather all the time!